FasTrack, as an International Empire and a Language Academy, was established under the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2006, as a subsidiary of Cosmo Group of companies. FasTrack Centre is involved in Language, Business and Cultural trainings.

IMG_7185 FasTrack Language Centre operates a wide range of programs which hands knowledge seekers immeasurable opportunities to choose from a variety of courses such as: General and Business English, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, ICAO, UNT, Job Interview, Work and Travel Preparations and numerous extra-curricular activities such as discussion and movie clubs, excursions, picnics within and outside the city, game clubs, and other gatherings to mention but a few. The above mentioned courses and programs are provided for every level of students ranging from Beginner to Upper-Intermediate and advanced levels. Programs, instructions and tutorials are highly and strictly based on Oxford and American English standards. The main objective of FasTrack International Language Centre is getting the best out of our students by giving them all the possible best they deserve.
With a dynamic, academic and experienced team of English Language native speakers and local teachers, FasTrack International Language Centre has always been eager and on the right track to fast-track and catapult students’ learning ambitions to success.
IMMAGINATIVENESS, INNOVATIVENESS, AND INTERRACTIVENESS are the three basic and fundamental elements that single out FasTrack as the most decorated and result delivering Language Centre in Kazakhstan, and The Russian Federation at large. A teacher who is imaginative can perform wonders in the English class. Our teachers’ new ideas break monotony and make students take active and lively participation in the class. FasTrack educators dare to go off the track, in order to be on the right one. They introduce changes and new ideas to provide academic freshness on a regular basis. At Fastrack Centre, teachers promote and furnish interactions in the class to justify their professionalism by empowering learners and helping them develop free- flowing communication skills. It is essential for Fastrack teachers to manufacture channels and opportunities for learners to relate ideas with one another through adventurous practices or engagements, such as role play, group discussions, mock interviews, presentations, etc.
FasTrack International Language Centre with a high level of motivation, eagerness, drive, and dedication to be a part of many students’ bank of history, cannot afford to leave any stones unturned in making sure our objectives are met with right credential.

Celestine Mikel Omeje
Founder/CEO & Instructor

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