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Студентка 1-го курса Назарбаев Университета, г Астана

What does studying English as a foreign language mean to many individuals these days?
This is a question that has had many answers, but to the best of my knowledge, I can say that it’s a kind of key that opens many kinds of doors to a bright and prosperous future. Knowledge of English is required in many spheres of life starting from schools to the age of retirement. But sometimes people who want to study the language can face a difficult problem in choosing appropriate courses and the right language school for effective learning and satisfactory result. I was once in such a situation. In 2014, I stood in front of making a crucial decision for my future career, as I was finishing school – the utmost was to be a student of Nazarbayev’s University in Astana, where the entire curriculum is in English.

This was really challenging for me, because at that moment I couldn’t even speak fluently. With my mom’s advice, I signed up for additional courses at «Cosmo Centre» which is now called FASTRACK INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE CENTRE as a rebranded name with a native speaker Celestine Mikel. It was amazing from the first lesson. Frankly speaking, I had some difficulties with understanding at the beginning, but after some period of time my problem became a thing of the past. Celestine taught me many things that helped me to take IELTS exam successfully and got more than the needed score, so now I’ve been studying at Nazarbayev University for 1 year. I still use those techniques that I learnt at FASTRACK CENTRE and have also realized the importance of making the right choice for English learning training. I think the strongest side of teachers at FASTRACK CENTRE is the way information is delivered to students, as they turn lessons into thrilling games, which is a great opportunity to study and have fun at once. Also, the administrators often organize events, such as picnic in the mountains, New Year Parties and many other social gatherings where you can meet new friends, relax and practice your English! Now I am really happy that I’ve made the best choice of my life so far. I see an enormous difference between the level of my English at the outset and now. I recall those auspicious and priceless times spent with FASTRACK CENTRE and it’s team, it was an unforgettable period. Thank you very much for your help, warm atmosphere and great support.

You will always be very visible in my history book!

Love you all…
Marzhan Junusbekova

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