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ТОО «КазНИПИЭнергопром» Алматы

Hello, my name is Karim Assylkozhanov. I work for JSС «КазНИПИЭнергопром».

I have been studying English at Cosmo Centre for about 8 months. I can reminisce clearly that when I chose Cosmo as a place to study, I had always had some doubts about my skills and ability to study and speak English as fluently as I do now. There are a lot of things that made me put my faith and believe in Cosmo Team. The reasons are as following:

the professionalism of both the local and native speakers;

— the studying and academic environment at Cosmo;

— the approach and readiness of the teachers in trying to find the best methods and systems to get the best out of both individual and group students;

— the way they make students believe in their potentiality

— breaking the barrier between students and speaking English

— building good composure and confidence in every student

I can proudly say that I have improved my knowledge of English significantly and tremendously over the last few months. Every lesson at Cosmo has challenging topics and nice food for thought. After studying English at school, university and numerous language schools in Almaty. I can strongly without any hesitations say that Cosmo is the best and perfect place for your IELTS & TOEFL preparations, General & Business English, Exam and Interview preparations, etc.

Try Cosmo and appreciate my recommendation.

Good luck!

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